Of exquisite invoice, they are in enamel (paste of powder and color) and leaves of gold glue to weave of glass, sagacity that renders them particularly shining. They tell the history of navata Old Testament (centers them), some salienti scenes of the life of Christ (presbiterio) and of it knows Peter and Paul to you (navate lateral). Tutt' around figures of prophets, angels and knows to you to figure entire or enclosed in medaglioni. The mosaics have been are executed in two various moments. Antichi they go back to years ' 40 of the XII sec, while those of the navata one center them, in the style that is found again also to Monreale, are of years 6O-7O. All the sequence of the scenes of the navata one centers has them one didascalica function: it was true and just an instruction for images.
Interesting the picture that illustrates the separation of the earth from the sea. The land globe is a water sphere with to center three leaves of earth (America and Oceania still had not been discovered) uniforms from strisce of sea that form one Y, symbol of the Trinità. Tutt' around the firmament, not still illuminated from stars. The scene of the creation of Adam is observed also: one exists great rassomiglianza between the face of God and that one of Adam emphasized from the phrase in Latin: creavit ominem at imaginem its. The scene of the Sin Originates introduces them one particularitity: he is Adam who Eva in fact already has in mouth the forbidden fruit and are already picking according to fruit. To leave from the second part of the scene of the sacrifice of Caino and Abel, when that is this last mind to the Getlteman, until the picture that ritrae the family of Noè (comprised) the mosaics is of the ottocenteschi rifacimenti, easy deductible what from the style a lot different.

The scenes of the presbiterio were instead destined to the clergy that had trarne dull of reflection and not instruction. Here therefore that the disposition of the scenes is not consequenziale and the choice is stiff to emphasize the salienti moments of the life of Jesus (looks at the skillful apse above all). The cupola that surpasses the chorus is occupied from the Christ Pantocratore, encircled from four archangels (recognizable from the crucigero globe) and four angels. In the drum, figures of Biblical personages with in the niches to the angles, the four Evangelisti. The Annunciation on the arc that ago precedes the apse from frame to the Benedictory Christ (in the washbowl) and to the Madonna in throne. To the center of the sottarco, in a medaglione, the throne of the judgment with the cross, to which the crown of thorns is hung, and the dove. The transetto skillful washbowl of the apse) encircled from scenes of the life of Christ is dominated from the image of S. Paul (and on the time to botte the Pentacost, symbolized from the dove it mails to the center in a medaglione that comes down on all the apostles (below figures). Particularly beautiful the scene of the Natività, with the arrival of the king magi introduces to you is in travel (on left, the recognizable ones from the hat, a cap frigio - conical - with the refolded tip to form one risen of cube) that to the cospetto of the Child. Saint Giuseppe, on the left of the Madonna, is seated on one typical sicialian chair. The lunetta blue under the scene it represents the lavender of the Child.

The transetto left it is dominated instead from the figure of S. Andrea (in the washbowl of the apse), than in the XIV sec. it has replaced that most ancient one than S. Peter, to which the Madonna with the Child is placed side by side dictates to Odigitria (the one who that indicates the straight one via). Of side, preech of Giovanni Batiste in the desert. The lateral navate ones instead are occupied from scenes of the life of S. Paul (to leave from the beginning of navata the lateral right) and of S. Peter (from the last navata picture of skillful and the long all lateral the left). Here of continuation the raffigurazioni of the navata one are listed center them. Navata centers them: Old Testament - it is begun up from the skillful navata one and all the first registry is followed then that continues along the left navata one, according to registry always leaving from the skillful navata one.