Complexes of the Archives   
    Close to the buildings of the Parish, located at the interior of Royal  Palace known as " Palace of Normanni" , one preserves very invaluable Tabulary and the hollow cartaceo of Capitolo of the Palatina Chapel, like j' files homonymous Parish. One n' do not carry out service of file but it is possible to consult documentation previa requested of authorization with the Diocese of Palermo.

Complexes of the Files: I capitulate of the Palatina Chapel of Palermo (digs) Parish S. Pietro Apôtre - Palatina Chapel of Palermo (digs) Tabulario of the Palatina Chapel of Palermo (digs)  - I capitulate of the Palatina Chapel of Palermo (digs)    Chronological extremes: 1132 - 1978 Consistency: Unit 315: regg. 69, bb. 135, vol. 111

History of the Files: The bottom was formed around centuries XVXVI, but it contains acts in copy of the 1132 (year when Peter , Archbishop of Palermo, raised the Chapel with parochial dignity). Origin made up of 73 volumes, in the sudden time of the many increases, either for new documentary production or for the transcription continues ofactes preceding, probably due to the request ofexhiber of certifications and the titles relating to property and enjoyed privileges.
One thus formed other volumes called " duplicata" and " supplementa"  the file had to undergo vary riordinamenti, surely with work of Canonical Baldassare Lion (that was Chantre of the Chapel in 1812), while recently in the years ninety it was neat of D.ssa Vincenza Mazzola, civil servant of Soprintendenza of the Archives  for Sicily.

Description: The bottom contains following documentation: " Monumenta regiae imperialis Cappellae (1132-1890), Monumenta - Time of doctors (1743-1768), Monumenta doubled (1132-1698), Supplimenta (1332-1794), Index monumentorum regiae imperialis Cappellae (1132-1855), Mosaics (1718-1837), Acts capitolari (1596-1744), Books of chancellery (1742-1874), Various writings pertaining to the Chapel put in scene (1132-1759), Church of Palate (1140-XIX dry.), Pertaining to Ciantria (1802-1876), Chaplains military (1815-1856), Administration of the Diocese (1806-1848), Registers of the gasti (1813-1864), Registers Put (1818-1947), Registers countable (1907-1960), major Chaplain (1794-1905), Various (1500-1978). Among documentation we announce: old transcriptions ofactes and privileges, memorials, letters, absenux, dispatches, editti, measurements of the Court of the setting in scene monarchy, acts of possession, parts of tavola, times of doctors, acts notarial, inventories of the Chapel, books off; receipt and I hesitate, dependent for perpetual masses, deliberations, books of Chancellery and official report of Capitolo, you record deBureau of the major Chaplain, Tunara de Solanto.

Means of research: Inventory - the File of the Chapel of San Pietro in Real Palate of Palermo Means of research you intern at the bottom: " ; Index monumentorum regiae imperialis Cappellae (1132-1855), Index ofactes of the chancellery of office of the major Chaplain and him general Vicario (1818-1821) " ;

Documentation connected: Chapel Palatina of Palermo, the bottom, composed of four series, includes/understands documentation relating to the chancellery (1818-1879), among which letters dimissoriali, bulletins ofincardinazione, celebratorie; documentation relating to the administration of the Chapel Palatina (correspondence, measurements various, countable papers and writings of various kind) and of Calascibetta (1800-1929). The acts go from the XVII to the XX century. The documentation of this bottom arrived has the Archive ofÉtat of Palermo in the years ' 70. Preserved meadows of: Files ofÉtat of Palermo, Palatina Chapel of Palermo, bb. 211.

Drafting and revision: Bellomo Catharina  - direction you work Romain, 2008/06/23, first drafting  -

Parish Saint Peter Apostle (hollow)  Chronological extremes: 1617 - 1989 Consistency: Unit 53: regg. 53

Description: The bottom among the other includes/understands following documentation: 4 registers of baptism (1781; 1842-1910; 1929-1982; 1983), 34 registers of marriage (1714-1989, but with many chronological gaps), 3 registers of dead (1681-1851; 1842-1907; 1961). Moreover, it contains: " ; Liber… baptizatorum, desponsatorum, and mortuorum… " ; (1617-1680), " ; Deliver numeration of anime" ; (1729-1764; 1965-1987; 1791-1808).

Means of research: Inventory - the File of the Chapel of San Pietro in Real Palate of Palermo Bibliography: V. Mazzola, the; J' files Chapel of San Pietro in Real Palais of Palermo, extracted, of 1991-1992, serious IV, vol. XVIIXVIII, pp. 59-87 Drafting and revisione: Bellomo Caterina - direction you work Romain, 2008/06/23, first drafting

- Tabulary of the Palatina Chapel (hollow)   Chronological extremes: 1088 - 1855 Consistency: Unit 151: parchments 151

Description: The bottom contains following documentation: 151 parchments which go from the 1080 to 1855, written in Greek, Arab and Latin language.
The parchment older, dated 1080 and written in Greek language, relating to Confrary  of St. Mary of Naupattitessa is currently the single document known on the Brotherhoods laicali in the Middle Ages bizantino. Above all they must be recalled the parchments in which we learn the rise with parochial dignity in the Palatina Chapel on behalf of Peter , Archbishop of Palermo, with the assent the Canonical ones of Cattedrale (of the 1132) and Consacration of the Setting in Chapelle scene and of the; institution ofun College the Canonical ones with work of Ruggero II (April 28, 1140). Moreover, we announce vary suited relating for the benefits, the privileges, the emolument and offered you enjoyed the Setting in Chapelle scene, to the plenary indulgences, the suppellettile of the Chapel, as 2 Plants of the Palatina Chapel you draw in 1754 gift of Joseph Valenzuela.
Means of research: Inventory - Tabulario Palatina Chapel of Palermo

Bibliography: (Informative System Unified for Soprintendenze of the Archives)